Thursday, October 10, 2013


"O righteous Father, the world hath not known thee: but l have known thee, and these have known that thou hast sent me" (John 17:25).

As a result of being with God from the beginning, Jesus Christ knows everything God knows. Also, this association made Him to know the Father. If you want to know God, you cannot do so from a distance. A sinner cannot know God. A compromising believer cannot know or understand God. Yet, if there is one thing you must have this year, it is the knowledge of God; this can transform your life forever. 

According to Daniel, the strength and ability to do exploits are derived from the knowledge of God (Dan. 11:32B). He was speaking from experience. He had the knowledge of God that made him to excel even with the least provision (Dan. 1:8-21). Do you know that if you really know God, your little provision is enough to make a difference in your generation? It is not the size of the provision, capital or provision: It is all about your relationship with God and how far you have known Him. Have you known God to the point of effecting change in your unpleasant circumstances?
Daniel's knowledge of God brought him from slavery in a foreign land to the corridors of power (Daniel 1:19-21). The knowledge of God gave Daniel solution to impossible problems (Daniel 2:1-49). If you know God to an extent, you could provide solutions to the problems of those around you. You can become so sought after because of this. 

Have you known God to the extent of affecting your destiny, family, community or nation for good. Or do you still run from one church to other for prayer or to offer prayers with money. Do not stop at where you are. With God in your life, you can make a different. All you know about God presently can be compared with a drop of water from an ocean. No wonder Apostle Paul made knowing Christ His life's ambition. He was full of exploits.
More than ever before, cause me to know YOU, Oh LORD!

To God be the glory! 

Pastor Edith

God is Our Shield

Psalm 3:3 "But You, O Lord, are a shield for me, my glory and the One who lifts up my head".

Life is filled with dangers, and there are so many enemies we have to face every day. As believers, we are in a war with an enemy that seeks to destroy us on every side. There are so many weapons that he uses against us. They are like fiery darts that he fires at us, and they are designed not only to injure us, but to make us burn in agony.  

Probably the most painful of all attacks that we face in life are those designed to bring us down in the sight of others. Depending on our physical strength, most of us can handle physical abuse or assault and we can take a certain amount of physical pain. But it is the non-physical things that hurt the most. It is the words and attitudes of others towards us that can sometimes cripple us and make us defenseless against the attacks on our spiritual lives. And when these attacks come, they cause us to lose face. We are ridiculed and despised by others, and find that we cannot hold our heads up boldly to face the world. We want to walk around hanging our heads in shame.

But the Lord gives us this wonderful promise here. He says that He will shield us from the enemy. He will protect us from the fiery darts of the evil one. He will cause us to receive glory and honor in Him. He will praise us and lift us up, and then He will cause us to lift up our heads boldly to face the world. Because in Him there is never condemnation, only praise and glory. What a wonderful promise to lift us up from the depths of despair!

Our God is good!

Pastor Edith

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

THE RAINBOW CONNECTION (The Everlasting Covenant)

TEXT: Genesis 9:1-17

Rainbow brings us to the new covenant. The rainbow lies on the throne of God.

1 - We have the responsibility to produce and preserve life on earth.
     (a) God commission us to produce life.
     (b) God instructs us to protect life.
     (c) God prohibits the violation of life.

2 - God promises to preserve His creation.
     (a) God promises to preserve life.
     (b) God uses the sign of the rainbow as a reminder of His pledge.

3 - The appearance of a rainbow affords us an opportunity....
     (a) Testify to the faithfulness of God.
     (b) Talk about sin.
     (c) Draw attention to God's design in creation.
     (d) Warn of judgment.
     (e) Speak of God's grace.

4 - What is the Rainbow connection?
    It is the sign of God's grace.

Thursday, September 26, 2013


TEXT: Daniel 7:13; Matt 25:31-33; John 14:1-6; Luke 12:40; 1 Thess 1:10; Jude 14; James 5:7-8; 1 Corinthians 15:23-28; 2 Peter 3:10-13; 2 Tim 4:7; Rev 22:20

Which also said, Ye men of Galilee, why stand ye gazing up into heaven? this same Jesus, which is taken up from you into heaven, shall so come in like manner as ye have seen him go into heaven.

 The second coming of Christ is the great event that will wind up this present age. Unlike the first coming of Christ which was in humiliation, the second coming will be glorious Rev. 22:12, 2 Thess 1:10. In Matthew 24:27. The Bible states "for as the lightning comes from the east and flashes to the west, so also will the coming of the son of man be.

The second coming of Christ which is also referred to as the second advent and the rapture of the Saints are two different and distinct events.

At the time of the rapture, Jesus Christ will come as the bridegroom to take unto Himself a holy and pure bride. Whereas at the second coming, He comes back with the Bride to rule the nations and set up His millennial Kingdom.     

To eliminate a general confusion, what the second coming is not: 
  • The rapture - 1 Corinthians 15:51-52
  • The Holy Spirit - Acts 1:8
  • The New Birth - Acts 3:19
  • Vision nor trance - Eyes shall Him Rev 1:7
  • Death - Rev 6:8
  • He will descend with a shout , with the voice of the archangel and with trump of God, Acts 1:9-11; 1 Thess 4:16.
  • In the clouds - Matthew 24:30
  • In the glory of His Father - Matthew 16:27
  • In His glory - Matt 24:31
  • In flaming Fire - 2 Thessalonians 1:7
  • With the power and great glory - Matt 24:30
  • To complete the Salvation of the Saints - Heb 9:28
  • To be glorified in His saints - 1 Thess 1:10
  • To judge - 2 Timothy 4:1
  • To reign - Revelations 11:15
  • To destroy death 1 Corinthians 15:25-26
  • To pull down rebellion on earth
  • To remove everlasting bondage
  • To bind satan and his angels
  • To bring universe peace
  • To establish the throne of David
  • To deliver Israel
  • To establish a universal Kingdom
  • To judge the living nations - Matt 25:31-34
  • To execute judgement on the ungodly - Jude 1:15
  • To receive His people - John 14:1-3
  • To destroy God's enemies - Rev 19:11
  • To reward each person according to his work - Matt 16:27 
The second coming of the Lord is sure. It is one of the fundamental doctrines of the Christians faith. You must prepare yourself so that you will be counted worthy at His appearance. Are you ready for the coming of the Lord? Prepare to meet the Lord.

Prayer point:
Holy Spirit, fill my heart and prepare me for the coming of the Lord, in Jesus name.

God bless you
Pastor Edith


TEXT: Hebrew 10:19-23

"Having therefore these promises, dearly beloved, let us cleanse ourselves from all filthiness of the flesh and spirit, perfecting holiness in the fear of God" 2 Corinthians 7:1.

God's desire is that His people will be clean outwardly and inwardly, Zechariah 3:4, 1 Thessalonians 5:23. He loves those whose hearts and lives are perfect towards Him and have made adequate provision for their all round cleansing, Heb 10:22. In Psalm 51:7, David prayed for God's cleansing. We also have a crucial role to play in this matter. It is our prayer that we will be blessed as we examine the issue of self-cleansing today, in Jesus name, Amen!!


Self-cleansing is a conscious and decisive effort put in by man to purge himself of all filthiness, 2 Corinthians 1:7, in order to become whole and acceptable to God, through the help of the Holy Spirit. In involves a thorough sanitation of a life whose filth has been revealed through the mirror of God's word. It is a renewal of ones mind Romans 12:2. 
It is putting away evil deeds, Isaiah 1:16, wickedness of the heart and impure thoughts, Jeremiah 4:14. It is giving no room for sin n one's life, Rom 6:12.


It is absolutely true that we are purged and cleansed through the shed blood of our Lord Jesus Christ, Heb 9:14 and 22.
However, the Bible raises a fundamental question in Psalm 119:9, "Wherewithal shall a young man cleanse his way?" The Bible also provides the answers, " taking heed thereto according to thy word." Having identified the grey areas in your life, take necessary steps to adjust and make changes. This will show that you fear God. 
Lay aside weights and besetting sins, Heb 12:1. 
Steer clear of the appearances of evil , 1 Thess 5:22.
Wash thoroughly in the water of God's word, Eph 5:26; Ezek 36:25; Heb 10:22.
Mortify the deeds of the flesh, Rom 8:13; Col. 3:5 and draw near to God James 4:8.

Self -Cleansing makes us honorable and useful vessels, 2 Timothy 2:21. It is essential for those that have the hope of eternal life with Jesus, 1 John 3:3. It provides a platform to appear before God blameless and to obtain answers to prayers, Heb 10:22; 4:6.

God bless you.

Pastor Edith

Thursday, July 18, 2013


Hebrews 10:23 "Let us hold fast the profession of our faith without wavering; for he is faithful that promised".

Isn't it amazing how we always like to take the easy road in life? We have become an 'instant' society in which everything comes either ready made, or partially made, so that we can produce results without too much effort. I think often the problem is not so much getting things done without any effort, but seeing the results. You don't mind making an effort if you start to see results for your effort. But when you have to continue pushing hard and you don't see the results, you start to get discouraged.

It is a bit like planting seeds. You place them in the ground and water them every day. But each day as you go out to water, you look anxiously for the sprouts that signal the growth you have been waiting for. And everyday you see nothing! Eventually you begin to wonder if all this effort is going to pay off. Have your seeds died perhaps? Did some creature come and eat them up when you were not looking? Or maybe they were bad seed and have all died. Perhaps the ground was too hard and is stopping them from coming up. These are the kind of thoughts that go through your mind as you go every day to check, and there is still no sign of growth.

Trusting the Lord is often like that. You put your faith out in prayer and in speaking forth the Word and you wait to see the results. But often instead of things coming right, they get worse. The situation that you have been praying about seems to intensify. Financial needs seem to increase, health seems to deteriorate. People seem to turn against you. The person you were hoping would change, goes from bad to worse. You begin to wonder if you are wasting your time standing on the Word and seeking the Lord.

But you know what happens with a plant? It germinates and begins to sprout under the ground. The root comes out and starts to go downwards into the ground. And then the plant stem starts to grow and push its way upwards towards the surface of the ground. And one day, quite suddenly, you see a whole bunch of these plant stems bursting through the surface of the earth and showing themselves. Where did this sudden growth come from? Did the plant suddenly start growing yesterday? No it was growing all along. You just couldn't see it. But now that it has shown itself, you notice all the growth that was taking place during those days when you faithfully watered it and waited.

Your faith and your prayers are very much like that. You are getting results without realizing it. Things are happening in the spiritual realm that you cannot see with your naked eyes. As you have prayed, God has begun to work in your situation. He has sent His angels to arrange things for you. They have been moving people into place and out of the way. They have been arranging circumstances that will be needed before the answer to your prayer could be manifested. They have been causing people to make decisions that would affect your life. And God has been speaking to those who are going to be involved in bringing about what you have asked for.

It has all been happening there behind the scenes, just like that plant sprouting forth under the earth. And then suddenly one day it all starts to happen - probably when you reach the point of despair and are ready to give up. And at times like this we are often tempted to think, "Wow I got lucky today." No you just began to reap the fruits of what you have sown over a long period of time.

So don't give up hope when you don't see things happen right away. And don't stop believing or praying. Don't give up your hope. By all means take a break every now and then. After all, if you forget to water the plants for one day, they will not die. But then after you have done all that you can, learn to just leave the end results to the Lord. And as you wait on Him, you will be surprised one of these days to suddenly see it all start to happen. The finances suddenly start coming in from nowhere, health returns and sickness becomes a dim memory, and peace and harmony come where there was strife.

It will surely happen for you. So expect it and do not give up hope. And above all - keep your faith out in the field.

Jesus Christ is Lord!
Pastor Edith

Sunday, July 14, 2013


TEXT:   2 Chronicles 7:1 and 2 - Now when Solomon had made an end of praying, the fire came down from heaven, and consumed the burnt offering and the sacrifices; and the glory of the Lord filled the house. And the priests could not enter into the house of the Lord, because the glory of the Lord had filled the Lord's house.

When was the last time fire came down from heaven when you prayed? Really - when was the last time you got knocked off your feet by the presence of God? Or was your last moment with the Lord something like, "Lord, thank you for a good day. Please guide me tomorrow and may the traffic not be too hectic?" Or do you spend your time in gossiping about others.

While it is great to bring to the Lord your every need and thought, when was the last time you prayed so deeply from your heart that the ground shook? When was the last time you felt the Lord move so mightily in your spirit that you felt lifted from this earth? I am not talking about a social meeting here with others, but rather your private time with the Father, where He shows you things for yourself and you tell Him such deep matters of the heart.

In the passage today Solomon had just prayed before the Lord in earnest, humbling himself before the Lord. In all his majesty and riches he groveled before the Lord, opening his heart in a very personal way. You become so used to normal everyday prayer times that you limit the Lord from showering fire from heaven. He has a great outpouring just for you and you need to stop long enough and get earnest enough for the Lord to give it to you! You need to seek it, you need to desire it, and you need to expect it.

I am not just talking about a once off experience here. I am talking about that fire coming down so strongly that it lasts, just like the priests could not walk on the ground because it was so saturated with the presence of the Lord. When was the last time people fell under the power when you walked past? When was the last time God was so alive in you that the very air buzzed around you as you walked; that people were influenced by the spirit in you, and that their lives were changed just by your being in the same room?

You think it is impossible? Tell that to Elisha, who was so filled with the Spirit of God that his dead bones brought a man back to life! Each of us has that awesome power within us. I challenge you today to take that power, to tap into your spirit and use the resources the Lord has given you. I encourage you to take that fire within you, fan it, encourage it and revel in it until it is an inferno that you pour upon others - changing their outlook, changing their hearts and changing their lives.

Jesus Christ is Lord!
Edith Chima

Saturday, July 13, 2013


TEXT:   Psalm 42:5 "Why are you cast down, O my soul? and [why] are you disquieted in me? hope in God: for I shall yet praise him [for] the help of his countenance".

It really hurts deeply when someone rejects you or puts you down. Perhaps you tried really hard to show love. You gave the best you had to offer. You hoped that maybe you were doing right, but instead you failed. You didn't have the effect you were hoping to have, and now there comes a set of mixed emotions inside of you.

Perhaps you feel hurt. Maybe you feel guilty. Possibly you are confused. But one thing is for sure - your soul is troubled. The excitement that was bubbling up inside of you has been stilled, and your soul is cast down. The confusion within causes your feelings to go out of control. You are not sure what you feel anymore. You are restless within.

David knew all about this. At one time he got so excited about serving the Lord that he forgot he was the king, and let rip with a mighty dance before the Lord. In fact he got so carried away that his robe even fell off in front of all the people. But the joy of the moment was so great, that he didn't even think about the consequences.

He forgot that kings are supposed to be prim and proper and show an example to the people. But when it was over and he arrived home to his wife, instead of her rejoicing with him, she put him down. She criticized him and told him what a fool he had made of himself. She stole all the joy that he had.
Are you facing a time of deep hurt or rejection at this time? Are you feeling down and discouraged? Is there a restlessness churning inside of you, and you cannot get a hold of your feelings? Well then, why not try what David did. Try talking to yourself. No I'm not kidding. You would be amazed how it will help you! Besides, since no-one else cares enough to encourage you, you'll have to settle for the only person apart from the Lord that really cares - you.

Go and stand in front of your mirror and look yourself right in the eyes. Then say to yourself, "Edith (put your name here), what is your problem? Why are you upset and discouraged? Don't you realize that people will always let you down? Don't you realise that the Lord is the only one who will never fail you? Why don't you try praising Him? You'll find that He always has something positive to say to you. You'll find that He never condemns. You'll find that you are very special to Him."

Then comes the most important part of all. Take your own advice! Get your eyes off yourself and on the Lord. Start praising Him and telling Him how wonderful He is. Then stop and listen carefully to your heart, and you'll hear Him say deep within, "Hey you're pretty great yourself. I think you're brilliant. I'm so proud of you. You're so special to me. I love you so much"

Then the whole world will disappear from view, and you'll know that you are loved and special and important. And life will be worth living again.

Jesus Christ is Lord!
Pastor Edith Chima

Friday, July 5, 2013


TEXT: 1John 5:1-6, Colossians 3:9.

Every child of God has the seed of God in him or her. From that seed comes a tree, which eventually bears the fruit of the Holy Spirit (Gal 5:22-23).
In 1John 3:9 says whosoever is born of God do not commit sin. The moment you are born again, you have overcome the world and have the power to overcome sin like Jesus did. That means it is possible for you to live without lying throughout this year and beyond.


1   Fear God above every man. There is a limit to what men can do for you  but there is no limit to what God can do (Ps 27:1, Heb 13:6).

2   Diligently studying and memorizing the word of God. The more you study the word of God, the less you will sin. (Psalms 119:11).

3   A commitment to a lifestyle of truth. Each time you refuse to lie, your act of faith is recorded for righteousness and Jesus will be proud of you.

4   You need to watch your mouth and put a padlock on it. Avoid talking too much for “in the multitudes of words sin is not lacking. (Proverb 10:19). Think before you talk. Be quick to hear but slow to speak (James 1:19).


1      Father help me to live a life of holiness in Jesus name.
2      Father, let your Holy Spirit take over me completely in Jesus name.

Jesus Christ is Lord.
Pastor Edith

Wednesday, July 3, 2013


TEXT: John 3:1-7; and verse 16.

Jesus Christ was with the father before the world was created. He became human and lived among men as Jesus of Nazareth. He lived a sinless life, showing us how to live. He died on the cross to pay for our sins. He paid a great a price by giving up Himself as a sacrificial Lamb. {John 1:29}.

The reason for His death is for you and I to have eternal life if we believe. {John 3:5}.
Jesus is the way to blessings, joy, health, peace and escape from the wrath of God, victory and the way to glory. True blessing come only through Jesus Christ. That is a happy, a peaceful life, reigning with Christ in heaven, and a victorious life above sin.

No one can know true joy until he has come to Jesus because He is the way to joy {John 15:11}. True joy begins with salvation {Isaiah 61:10}. To have uninterrupted joy you must stay with Jesus Christ. [Psalm 16;11; 1 Peter 1:8]. Anyone who does not know Christ, the prince of peace can never have true peace. Jesus is the way to peace.

God is everywhere and knows all things. That is why a sinner cannot escape from His wrath by running from one place to another or by hiding from Him. The Bible says in Romans 6:23 "For the wages of sin is death: But the gift of God is eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord." The only way of escape is Jesus Christ. {Hebrew 2:3}.

The sinner is continuously at war with sin, sickness, satan, demons and all other powers of darkness and worse still with Himself. {Job 15:20-21}.
Thank God for Jesus Christ, who is the way to victory. {1 Corinthians 15:57}. And those with Him shall not be defeated. {Romans 8:31}.

Jesus is the source of eternal life. The Bible says He is the Lamb of God, who takes away the sin of the world {John 1:29}.

Jesus said, "I am the way, the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me" John 14:6. He is waiting for you now. He wants to be the door way to new life for you.

The first step to take is admit that you are a sinner. Believe in your heart that Jesus died for you. You must repent from your sins. No matter the type of sin you might have committed, He is ready to forgive you and cleanse your unrighteousness.

Believing in Him as your Savior, you can accept Jesus gift of forgiveness from your sins.

To receive Jesus Christ into your life, please pray this prayer below:

Heavenly Father, I come to you in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ. I believe in my heart that Jesus Christ is the Son of God. I believe in my heart that He died for my sins, I believe that you raised from the dead for my justification. I receive Him today into my heart and my life as my personal Lord and Savior, and I give God the glory. Amen.

If you have sincerely prayed this prayer, then you are now Born again. Congratulations dear friend!

For further enrichment in the word of God, please look for any Bible Believing Church where the word of God is being preached.

Remain blessed!! 
Pastor Edith Chima

Monday, July 1, 2013


My Brothers and Sisters,

Take a look at your life. See all your mistakes, weakness, disappointments and failures. See your loss and pain and see how the Lord has been with you. He stood with you in the most trying times. Why not thank him and appreciate him for his mercies? He who has helped you thus far will help you to the end. Amen!

In this new month of July, my Lord is building up your life. He is putting each block in its rightful place. He is not through with you yet. He is the Master Builder, who knows exactly how to make you what you ought to be. Stay right with Him so that he can perfect what he has begun. God bless you.

Love from Edith

Saturday, June 29, 2013


Text: Isaiah 53:1-12

The Bible is replete with glorious reports on what Calvary has purchased for us. Jesus, declaration, “It is finished,” signals the beginning of inexhaustible harvest of blessings.

Our text today gives us reports of our blood-bought rights. The details of what is ours by inheritance are so breathtaking that some people may find it difficult to believe it.

Today, the question is still being asked: “Who has believed our report”? Jesus paid the supreme price in order to give us the best that heaven has to offer. He tasted shame, sorrow, grief, ostracism and gruesome death in order to take us to a glorious realm.

He became a man of sorrow in order to give us unspeakable joy, full of glory. God smote him so that we might not be smitten. He was wounded in order to take our pain away. He bore every pain and suffered extreme misery.

Although, He is the epitome of righteousness, He was numbered with the transgressors in order to give us the gift of righteousness. He offered to receive chastening in order to give us peace. By his stripes we are healed.

What is our report? We have received full Salvation. Healing and health are ours. Prosperity is also part of our inheritance. We also have victory over the dark kingdom. Calvary has also purchased peace for us.  What is your report?  God bless you!

Jesus Christ is Lord!
Pastor Edith Chima

Wednesday, June 26, 2013


TEXT: Mark 10:46-52
Others are: Psalm 56:9; Exodus 22:23; Psalm 34:17; Luke 18:7-8.


Beloved, a lot of things are happening these days. The world is a strange place filled with strange people and a lot of things are happening every day. The devil has succeeded in silencing so many people. It is strange that people who are suppose to wage war or fight are now tired. A lot of people are quite over their ugly situation.
  • Immediately the enemy succeeds in closing a person's mouth, that person is finished. Speaking is an evidence that you are still alive.
  • Changes come to your life when you speak out.
  • Your deliverance, your salvation, your healing are lied to your mouth.
  • The movers of things in this world are those who speak to the mountains. Not those who stare at them.
  • Jesus spoke to the storm, high fever, the dead, tree and they heard Him and obeyed. And He was respected by His disciples.
  1.  He was not happy about his situation. Examples, some of us are happy with our conditions and do not want a change.
  2. He had faith in the miracle worker Jesus Christ. Romans 10:17 says Faith comes by hearing and hearing by the word of God. He had heard about Jesus and all the miracles Jesus had been performing. And decided he would be a part of the miracle.
  3. Determination: He was determined that his situation must be changed no matter the opposition.
  4. He refused to be discouraged. They asked him to keep quite but he cried out the more until he was heard.
  5. He let go the garment of sin, hindrances or those things that were weighing him down.
  6. He knew what he wanted. He was very specific. "Raboni, that l may receive my sight".

They want him to miss his miracle. Some people come to church and while others are praying, they allow the enemy to steal their blessings and miracles, by keeping quite or looking at others.

They wanted him to remain in his position. When the enemies see that your position is becoming better, they will come with a terrible attack. Their only joy is to see you remain in that ugly situation.

They thought he is not worthy to talk to Jesus. How can a beggar be calling unto Jesus the miracle worker? No matter how wretched you think yourself to be, it is you that Jesus wants. He said He came for the sinners and not for the righteous. No matter how dirty your life or past may be, Jesus can still clean you up. Don't allow your past to spoil your future. There is an adage that says "yesterday is a dream and tomorrow a vision but today well lived will make yesterday a dream of happiness and tomorrow a vision of hope". They enemy knows that if you don't ask you will not receive, (Matt 7:7). And it is those that ask receive. And you only ask when you open your mouth. If he had closed his mouth we wouldn't have heard about him. His name wouldn't appear in the Bible.

They wanted him to miss his divine timing or opportunity. It was a good thing he never kept quite that day because Jesus never passed through that way again. Most of us miss our divine miracle by our absence from fellowship, church services or prayer meetings.

They wanted him to die in his condition. Remember the Bible tells us in John 10:10 that the enemy comes but to steal, to kill and destroy. 
They wanted to discourage him. That is why many asked him to keep quite.
  • Keeping quite is indirectly telling God you have failed. It is just accepting defeat.
  • When you give up at the edge of breakthrough you become a breakthrough killer.
  • A conqueror must conquer something.
  • It is not over until it is over.
  • You must cry out to be heard.
  • Determination: Have determination. No matter the situation do not keep quite, cry out unto the Lord.
  • Be an aggressive praise giver.
  • Don't be discouraged. Stop the arrow of discouragement at the door of your heart. Don't allow it to enter.
  • Be a prayer warrior. Remember a warrior does not run away from the battle.
  • Every opportunity you have to cry out to the Lord don't miss it.
  • Don't allow sin to weigh you down. Repent of all known and unknown sins.
  • Live a holy life.

God bless you
Pastor Edith Chima

Sunday, June 23, 2013


The responsible man is a man who shoulders responsibilities. He does not dodge his family. He does not give up, he does not quit, and he remains faithful and fruitful.

A responsible man is a man of vision; he is a man of action. He is not an idle man. Redundancy, careless talk and gossiping have no place in his life. He is a man of faith. A responsible man is a man that loves his wife and does not flirt around. Many happy homes have been destroyed by immorality. Any man who wants to have a happy home and marriage must avoid outside relationship i.e. having an affair.

A responsible man sows good seeds into the lives of others. He encounters problems and solves them. He does not beat or hit his wife. He is the head of the family. The woman is the last and best of all creations. So your wife is very important and should be treated with respect, care and love. God did not create the woman out of a whim neither did He create her out of error. Neither did He plant all the talents, qualities and abilities in her for naught. The woman was created because she is and will forever remain an important and necessary aspect of the man. As a wife, woman is more than a mate. She is a partner with her husband in their mutual quest for earthly and heavenly goals, through separate roles. A subordinate and dutiful wife deserves love and kind treatment from her husband (Ephesians 5:25-33; Colossians 3:19; 1Peter 3:7).

When the love of Christ is in your heart that is when you can give it out to others. You cannot give what you don’t have. Men of God should go all out and use their lives to spell love. Your quality of love is dependent on your level of godliness or how much of you are yielded to God’s Holy nature of love. God wants to love someone through you. He wants to share His hope, faith and love with your wife but not without you.
Just as He needed Jesus to give His love to the world, He needs you to share the same love with your wife and others through your words, life, and action. 

The headship leads to happiness only when it is handled in a proper way. Husbands who live with godly devotion know that headship is not dictatorship.
So many marriages have been unsuccessful because of lack of commitment on the part of the husband. If you want your marriage and your home to be healthy, happy and stable, there must be commitment to keep your marriage as you keep your life. Your marriage is as precious as your life.

God bless you.

Jesus Christ is Lord!
Pastor Edith Chima


Each person God made is special and unique. God created us an original and not photocopies. It is a great disaster to try to be somebody else. The best you can be while trying to be someone else is a good imitator, a good photocopy. The only person that can be good at being you is you. When God created man, he
created him in His own image. In creating the world, God spoke the word, when it was time to make man; God used His hands and fashioned man from the dust of the earth. Man is special and unique.

My dear sister, when God took so much care in creating your husband, why are you comparing him to other men? Don’t you know this is foolishness? The Bible says in 2Corinthias 10:12; “for we dare not make ourselves of the numbers, or compare ourselves with some that command themselves; but they measuring themselves by themselves, and comparing themselves among themselves are not wise”. When you compare your husband to others, you are not wise.

Your husband cannot be like your friend’s husband. He may not be able to give you as much money as your sister’s husband gives her for the home. He may not be interested in exotic holidays and expensive things like your neighbor’s husband. He may not belong to elitist social clubs, like the husbands of your colleagues in the office. He is not interested in keeping up appearances like the Jones. He is your husband.

Your husband is unique. He has his own set of values, many of which were formed during his childhood. Wasn’t this the reason you were first attracted to him? Why have you stopped appreciating the good things you saw in him when you first met? Isn’t his uniqueness that made him stands out from the others? Were
these not the qualities that made you say, “Yes I do?” He is the one who took you out of all the women available in the whole world. He chose you above all women to be his better half. To have and to hold, to love and cherish, with all his wealth, and everything God has given unto him. That is not a small matter.

On whose shoulders do you cry? Who comforts you? Who shares his salary with you, his desires, his visions, goals, likes and dislikes? It is your husband. Unfortunately most of us are too critical of our husbands. Because the man exposes his passions and secrets unto us, we tend to focus only on the weak
areas of his character and take the strong points for granted.

What happened to all the great points and qualities your husband possessed? Can you remember what you saw in him that made you to marry him? Pause for a moment and make a list of at least ten points or good character and traits of your husband. Rate him on kindness, love, patients etc. On all the fruits of the
spirit and see how he fares?

Is your disappointment not coming from the fact that you require your husband to fulfill a standard set by neither God nor himself but you? Is it not because of all your failures, you expect your husband to personify success both for Himself and yourself as well, thereby pushing him beyond reasonable limits? Truthfully
answer these questions and you would see how selfish you have been. You know you are not perfect, yet you expect your husband to accept your shortcomings but what of you? How good are you at applying this same requirement to yourself?

Your husband is a special gift from God. He was given to you to enrich your life. You are his help-meet. If you keep complaining and grumbling, how can you fulfill your role as the help-meet? Why don’t you begin to appreciate him for who he is? Why don’t you begin to seek out the good things in him? Your words and attitude to him will bring out two reactions. It will either bring out the best in him, the gentle man or the monster in him.

There is a saying that you do not appreciate what you have until you lose it. Many of us wear out our husbands with our complaints and nagging attitudes. God forbid, if anything happens to our spouse we will now begin to cry and roll on the floor as if the whole world has ended.

Sister, your husband is unique. I want you to begin to appreciate him for who God has made him to be and to thank God for his life. I want you to stop nagging for one week and to see your husband’s reaction. There will be a change. Men do not like being compared to other people and they are very sensitive. I am not
saying your husband is perfect or always right. When you need to correct, let it be done in love, with wisdom, at the right time in the privacy of your room and not in front of your friends or his junior ones. If you want to enjoy your home, you have to submit to his godly authority and stop all the murmuring and

It is not possible to have two captains in a ship. Let him be the king and he will honor you as his queen. Begin to treat him with respect, give him honor and appreciate his person.

Once again, you will see the honey flowing in your marriage.God bless you.

Jesus Christ is Lord!
Pastor Edith Chima

Saturday, June 22, 2013


The Bible is the word of God. It is made up of 66 Books containing stories, prophecies, and guidelines for godly living.


What is the source of the Bible? God is the source of the Bible (2 Peter 1:11-21). Through the Holy Spirit, God revealed His person and plan to some believers who wrote down His messages for His people (2 Peter 1:20-21). This process is known as inspiration. Although these writers used their own language and style, they wrote what God wanted them to write. So, the Bible is totally reliable because GOD was in control of its writing.


 Why did God give us the Bible? Psalm 119:19

  • The Bible is meant to guide us in life:  Life is a journey, and as we travel through it, we need a map or guide. The Bible serves as our road map pointing out the way we should follow and the way to avoid in order to reach our destination (heaven) as ordered by God. We must study this map (Bible) to learn the way. If we ignore the Bible, we will wander aimlessly through the journey of life and may miss our way and may never reach our destination, which is heaven.
  • The Bible is basic equipment: It equips us for every good thing God wants us to do. (2 Timothy 3:17). We should not study the Bible just to increase our knowledge or to win Bible Quiz. We should study it to know God's will for us, to do God's will and to do God's work in the world. The word of God strengthens our faith, helps us to live a holy life and to do good works.
  • The Bible gives us God's commandments. The commandments of God reveal the nature and will of God. If we live according to the instructions given to us by God, we will live a happy life and go to heaven. 
  • The Bible reveals JESUS CHRIST to us. Through the Bible we learn that Jesus Christ is the way, the truth and the life. When we know Jesus Christ, we have all we need to be saved from our sins, have a perfect relationship with God, receive blessings and go to heaven. We must take the word of God seriously. This means that we must read it everyday, study it everyday and memorise it everyday. We pray better when we know the word of God because we know what to ask, how to ask and when to ask. Also, a good knowledge of the Bible makes us to be friends of God.

  1. O Lord give me the grace to study your word everyday, in the name of Jesus.
  2. Father Lord, let me reap the benefits of the Bible, in the name of Jesus. 
Jesus Christ is Lord!
Pastor Edith Chima

Thursday, June 20, 2013


"But they that wait upon the LORD Shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings as eagles; they shall run, and not be weary; And they shall walk, and not faint.' (Is 40: 31)

'But they that wait upon the LORD shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings as eagles; they shall run, and not be weary; and they shall walk, and not faint' ( Isa 40:31). This verse tells us of three possibilities in the Christian faith: walking, running and flying. Most Christians are at the first stage walking. A few in number have started running. Only very few have started flying. When confronted by mountains, how they will respond depends on where they are. While walking and running, Christians may command or attempt to climb the mountain, the few will simply fly over the mountain and continue their journey. May God take you to the realm of the flying Christian! Amen.

Remember, we are spiritual Eagles. When a mother eagle is about to build her nest, she will go to the highest branch of the tallest tree. She will lay the foundation of her nest with many thorns. Then she will weave some leaves into the thorns and take some feathers from her body to cover the leaves, making the nest cost and comfortable. Then she lays her eggs and hatched them.

As they grow, when its time to teach them to fly, without informing them, she removes the feathers, followed by the leaves until the eaglets are uncomfortably seated on thorns. Then she pushes them one by one to the edge of the nest and they fall off and tumble down, thinking it is the end. But just before the eaglet lands on the ground, the mother swoops down and the baby lands on her back. She takes it up and pushes it out again until the eaglet becomes conscious of its wings and begins to flex them, like the mother. Then baby is free.

To make you fly, God will first remove the things that make you comfortable. While you cry and bind and loose, things will worsen. This is done for your good (Jer 29:11). David said in Psalm 119:71 that afflictions caused him to learn certain things. Some of us refuse to pray effectively until something serious happens. When the nest has been taken away, you either learn to walk by faith or you crash. It is time to start flying.
 God bless you.

Jesus Christ is Lord!
Pastor Edith Chima


TEXT: 2 Kings 20:1-7

We serve a wonderful, prayer-answering God. Psalm 65:2 says: ‘Oh thou that heareth prayer, unto thee shall all flesh come.’ We are so blessed that we serve the only true and living God. He hears us when we call upon him. And when he has revealed his intention to judge you, he will still listen to your plea. From our text, God sent the prophet Isaiah to tell King Hezekiah that he was about to die. Hezekiah cried out to God, who prolonged his life by 15 years. But Hezekiah is not the only one who has benefited from God’s magnanimity.

Jabez was tired of a life of sorrow since birth. He had only the crumbs of God’s blessing. Sorrow and failure followed him like flies around the tail of a cow. When he could no longer take it, he pleaded his case in Heaven’s Court and ended up being more honourable than anyone around him. You can change your life too. When God shows you your enemy’s intention to bring evil upon you, through dreams, visions and words of knowledge, do you expect things to change by themselves? If you do nothing about it, God may take it to mean that you are content. But if you rise up immediately, and begin to cry to God to cancel that negative dream and reverse it in the spiritual realm, where the plan was made, the evil plan will be reversed

Isaiah 41:21 says: ‘Produce your cause, saith the Lord; bring forth your strong reasons, saith the King of Jacob.’ In other words, argue your case, show why the evil plan of your enemies should not stand. For such reasons to be accepted in the Court of Heaven, they must be based on God’s written Word, which is forever established in heaven. Having successfully presented your case, there will be a change.

Are your enemies planning your death? Take it to Heaven’s Court and say, ‘I shall not die, but live and declare the works of the Lord. I shall not die before my time. I shall not die until I have fulfilled my assignment on earth. All these are written in your Word. Because it is also written, only your counsel will stand, let death return to sender.’ Through care and wisdom, prayerfully stand in the gap for others; speak words that edify and build up others and support the vision the Lord has given to you or through your pastor, to make it a reality. This way, you will be a pillar in God’s house and will be made to flourish in the courts of God.

God bless you.

Jesus Christ is Lord.
Pastor Edith Chima

Wednesday, June 19, 2013


Text: Genesis 2:18-25; Matthew 7:24-27; Ephesians 5:22-25

What is Marriage?

Marriage is an institution ordained by God for the benefit of mankind. God was the first officiating minister at the first wedding.

Marriage is the foundation of the church and the state. It is a church within a church and a world within a larger world. If things go wrong in marriage, then things will go wrong everywhere. If things go wrong in the home, things will go wrong everywhere.

Marriage is an Honorable estate established by God before the fall of man. It is an institution which Christ both honored and glorified by His presence, at the wedding at Cana of Galilee, where He performed His first miracle.

Understanding God’s purpose in marriage helps in ensuring or building long lasting relationship. Marriage should be of great honor among men. Therefore, nobody should rush into marriage. The purpose of marriage is not just for sexual pleasure as some people think. This view leads many people to go astray. It is a wrong view of marriage. Marriage should be handled carefully and soberly in the fear of God.

  • God’s purpose for marriage is to avoid sin. To avoid fornication, it is advised that those who are not married and are eligible should get married.
  • It is established for procreation. God wants us to bear children that would be trained in the fear of God.
  • It is established for mutual understanding, help and comfort. God wants partners to benefit from each other both in prosperity and adversity for which the people are joined together (Genesis 2:18).
  • Marriage is a covenant of love. The commitment of love is necessary for the success of any marriage (Ephesians 5:22-25).
Marriage that is based on the word of God will surely be a life long affair. Such marriage will be likened to the man in Matthew 7:24-27 that built his house on the rock. And when the wind blew and the rain came, the house stood firm. The marriage will last and stand the test of time. But the marriage that is based on human intelligent, emotions and mundane (worldly) things will surely collapse like the house built on ordinary sand that could not stand the wind and the rain. When trials and problems come such marriage will fail woefully because it is not rooted on strong foundation – the word of God.

The Bible, the word of God gives us some blue prints for marriage Genesis 2:24 says therefore shall a man leave his father and his mother and shall cleave unto his wife and they shall be one flesh.

Firstly, there must be separation from the parents of both man and woman. Most marriages do not work out because of unnecessary interference by the mother in-laws. This should be avoided.

Secondly, there must be cleaving, that is joining together. The husband and wife must stay under the same roof and inside one room. The idea of a husband and wife having separate room is devilish and should be avoided. There should be oneness ie cleaving together in marriage.
In marriage there is always a call for sacrifice. Through proper understanding, they will not allow that to affect their marriage negatively.

The word of God advocates one man, one wife. That is God’s standard. God is against polygamy. If a man needs more than one wife, God would have removed more ribs from Adam to form many women for him. Polygamy has destroyed many homes and should be avoided entirely.

The man is ordained as the head of the home just as Christ is the head of the church (Ephesians 5:23). Men should not avoid their responsibilities in the home. And the woman should not despise her husband even when she is better employed than him.

The wife is not just an ordinary woman. She is not a prostitute and is not a mere sex object. She is not a concubine and she is not a slave girl. She is not a house maid. The Bible says she is a helpmeet for the man. She is a helpmeet for the man physically, morally and spiritually. She should always be treated with respect and love.

A couple should have no privacy between each other. They should always have good rapport and communication between them. Lack of communication in marriage breeds problems.


  • Making Jesus the head of your home.
  • Having a common devotion time, studying the word of God and applying it in your daily life.
  • Commit your problems into the hand of God because He is the originator of marriage. In this case, avoid discussing your marriage or problems to outsiders. They may not give you good counsel. A lot of marriages have been destroyed through evil counsel from unfriendly friends. Don’t listen to gossips because it destroys marriage. When you allow gossip to enter into your marriage, you have allowed the destroyer into your marriage.
  • If a man and a woman decide to go into marriage, that is they are ready to deal with or handle the storms that come with marriage. You must determine to face the storms of marriage before going into it. This has to do with maturity. The couple should be physically, mentally and emotionally matured before going into marriage. Teenage marriages often do not work out. According to the word of God in Genesis 2:24, marriage is not for boys but for men.
  • When the contrary wind starts blowing in your marriage that is the time to get closer to God. Give the key of your marriage to God. He is the originator of marriage and He will uphold your marriage and will not allow it to crumble.


Women should know the birthday of their husbands like wise the husbands. During this period they can give each other surprise packages.

The couple should know how to appreciate each other, no matter how small the gesture.

There should be no communication gap between husband and wife. If problem arises they should always discuss it among themselves and find solution. The husband should not turn his face to the other side and the wife the other way.

The woman should always be neat. Some women after marriage become careless. They don’t take proper care of their body and their dressing become poor. Some even cannot sweep and clean their house properly. When you visit some homes, the whole place will be smelling. This keeps men off.

The couple should learn how to do things together. Play together and even bath together, there should be no room for separation.

If you offend your husband or wife do not hesitate to apologize to him/her. Some find it difficult to do, hence causing the problem to linger.

Study and know his favourite food. And when he is annoyed or stressed out use it to get back his mind and make him happy.

  • Father, make my home heaven on earth.
  • Father, protect and preserve my marriage.
  • Father, bring honey into my marriage.

    May you continue to experience the joy of Lord in your marriage. Amen! 

    To God be the glory.
    Pastor Edith Chima

Tuesday, June 18, 2013


Text: 1 Sam 1: 10 – 20

God knows our needs. But every object remains at a position until you apply a force to move it. When your proof goes into action it brings out living proof.

Hannah was determined to have breakthrough in her situation. To find solution to her problem. Hannah was provoked by her situation and persisted in prayer. (1 Sam 1:10).

She had been going to Shiloh for prayers, in this particular occasion, she prayed a prevailing prayer and made a vow to God. And God, being a covenant keeping God heard her prayer.

There are many people that are not serious with their situation, they are interested in things that do not matter.

Pray prevailing prayer as Hannah did and bring down the hand of God in your situation. Whatever you are passing through in life, have determination to see an end to it.

God wants us to be bold. We have a God who can do more than we ask or think. He said “call unto me and I will answer thee and show thee great and mighty things that thou knowest not” Jeremiah 33:3.

Boldness will bring back what has been lost in your life. With boldness, pray the prayers of authority, bind, loose and release your blessing from heaven. God has called you to be a winning believer.

You must come to the place of prayer with boldness and faith.

Pastor Edith Chima



TEXT: ISAIAH 43:18-21.

It is part of God’s desire and plan to do a new thing in our lives. God is ready to do a new thing in our lives, families, business, and careers. But there are few things we must have to do to experience these new things.

1   We must forget what is behind us: “Remember ye not the former things (v18). This does not mean that we should lose our minds or memories! It is a call to bury the past. (Buried with Christ Rom 6:4).
You might have passed through hard times in the past, or the fellowship / Church might have suffered stress, but we have to bury everything at the feet of Jesus. God is going to do a new thing in your life, business etc.

2   We must face what is before us: “Behold, I will do a new thing…it shall spring forth (v19). You may be overwhelmed by the incredible problems that face you, spiritually, personally, nationally and globally. You might have suffered some set backs, losses, humiliation etc. But God is telling us today that He will do a new thing in our lives. What God promises to His people of old, He can do for us? If you are lost, He has a map for you; if you are thirsty, He has a river for you; if you’re scared, He has a word for you and so on.

3   We must have to be ready to grap what God has planned for us. We have to possess our possessions and claim our blessings. In verse 21, “This people I have formed for myself; they shall show forth my praise. We are the people, God has made us for Himself and He wants us to be in a better position. He wants us
to be the head and not the tail. We have to sing praises unto God and prophesied good things into our lives. God has given us a new song and we have to sing it out. In Jesus name Amen.

                                Please pray these few prayer points.
1      Father make a new thing in my life today in Jesus name.
2      Father take me to the mountain top l am tried of the valley in Jesus name.
3      Father let your Grace and favour envelope my life in Jesus name.
To God be the glory! God bless you.
Pastor Edith Chima