Thursday, July 18, 2013


Hebrews 10:23 "Let us hold fast the profession of our faith without wavering; for he is faithful that promised".

Isn't it amazing how we always like to take the easy road in life? We have become an 'instant' society in which everything comes either ready made, or partially made, so that we can produce results without too much effort. I think often the problem is not so much getting things done without any effort, but seeing the results. You don't mind making an effort if you start to see results for your effort. But when you have to continue pushing hard and you don't see the results, you start to get discouraged.

It is a bit like planting seeds. You place them in the ground and water them every day. But each day as you go out to water, you look anxiously for the sprouts that signal the growth you have been waiting for. And everyday you see nothing! Eventually you begin to wonder if all this effort is going to pay off. Have your seeds died perhaps? Did some creature come and eat them up when you were not looking? Or maybe they were bad seed and have all died. Perhaps the ground was too hard and is stopping them from coming up. These are the kind of thoughts that go through your mind as you go every day to check, and there is still no sign of growth.

Trusting the Lord is often like that. You put your faith out in prayer and in speaking forth the Word and you wait to see the results. But often instead of things coming right, they get worse. The situation that you have been praying about seems to intensify. Financial needs seem to increase, health seems to deteriorate. People seem to turn against you. The person you were hoping would change, goes from bad to worse. You begin to wonder if you are wasting your time standing on the Word and seeking the Lord.

But you know what happens with a plant? It germinates and begins to sprout under the ground. The root comes out and starts to go downwards into the ground. And then the plant stem starts to grow and push its way upwards towards the surface of the ground. And one day, quite suddenly, you see a whole bunch of these plant stems bursting through the surface of the earth and showing themselves. Where did this sudden growth come from? Did the plant suddenly start growing yesterday? No it was growing all along. You just couldn't see it. But now that it has shown itself, you notice all the growth that was taking place during those days when you faithfully watered it and waited.

Your faith and your prayers are very much like that. You are getting results without realizing it. Things are happening in the spiritual realm that you cannot see with your naked eyes. As you have prayed, God has begun to work in your situation. He has sent His angels to arrange things for you. They have been moving people into place and out of the way. They have been arranging circumstances that will be needed before the answer to your prayer could be manifested. They have been causing people to make decisions that would affect your life. And God has been speaking to those who are going to be involved in bringing about what you have asked for.

It has all been happening there behind the scenes, just like that plant sprouting forth under the earth. And then suddenly one day it all starts to happen - probably when you reach the point of despair and are ready to give up. And at times like this we are often tempted to think, "Wow I got lucky today." No you just began to reap the fruits of what you have sown over a long period of time.

So don't give up hope when you don't see things happen right away. And don't stop believing or praying. Don't give up your hope. By all means take a break every now and then. After all, if you forget to water the plants for one day, they will not die. But then after you have done all that you can, learn to just leave the end results to the Lord. And as you wait on Him, you will be surprised one of these days to suddenly see it all start to happen. The finances suddenly start coming in from nowhere, health returns and sickness becomes a dim memory, and peace and harmony come where there was strife.

It will surely happen for you. So expect it and do not give up hope. And above all - keep your faith out in the field.

Jesus Christ is Lord!
Pastor Edith