Thursday, October 10, 2013


"O righteous Father, the world hath not known thee: but l have known thee, and these have known that thou hast sent me" (John 17:25).

As a result of being with God from the beginning, Jesus Christ knows everything God knows. Also, this association made Him to know the Father. If you want to know God, you cannot do so from a distance. A sinner cannot know God. A compromising believer cannot know or understand God. Yet, if there is one thing you must have this year, it is the knowledge of God; this can transform your life forever. 

According to Daniel, the strength and ability to do exploits are derived from the knowledge of God (Dan. 11:32B). He was speaking from experience. He had the knowledge of God that made him to excel even with the least provision (Dan. 1:8-21). Do you know that if you really know God, your little provision is enough to make a difference in your generation? It is not the size of the provision, capital or provision: It is all about your relationship with God and how far you have known Him. Have you known God to the point of effecting change in your unpleasant circumstances?
Daniel's knowledge of God brought him from slavery in a foreign land to the corridors of power (Daniel 1:19-21). The knowledge of God gave Daniel solution to impossible problems (Daniel 2:1-49). If you know God to an extent, you could provide solutions to the problems of those around you. You can become so sought after because of this. 

Have you known God to the extent of affecting your destiny, family, community or nation for good. Or do you still run from one church to other for prayer or to offer prayers with money. Do not stop at where you are. With God in your life, you can make a different. All you know about God presently can be compared with a drop of water from an ocean. No wonder Apostle Paul made knowing Christ His life's ambition. He was full of exploits.
More than ever before, cause me to know YOU, Oh LORD!

To God be the glory! 

Pastor Edith