Tuesday, October 1, 2013

THE RAINBOW CONNECTION (The Everlasting Covenant)

TEXT: Genesis 9:1-17

Rainbow brings us to the new covenant. The rainbow lies on the throne of God.

1 - We have the responsibility to produce and preserve life on earth.
     (a) God commission us to produce life.
     (b) God instructs us to protect life.
     (c) God prohibits the violation of life.

2 - God promises to preserve His creation.
     (a) God promises to preserve life.
     (b) God uses the sign of the rainbow as a reminder of His pledge.

3 - The appearance of a rainbow affords us an opportunity....
     (a) Testify to the faithfulness of God.
     (b) Talk about sin.
     (c) Draw attention to God's design in creation.
     (d) Warn of judgment.
     (e) Speak of God's grace.

4 - What is the Rainbow connection?
    It is the sign of God's grace.