Saturday, June 29, 2013


Text: Isaiah 53:1-12

The Bible is replete with glorious reports on what Calvary has purchased for us. Jesus, declaration, “It is finished,” signals the beginning of inexhaustible harvest of blessings.

Our text today gives us reports of our blood-bought rights. The details of what is ours by inheritance are so breathtaking that some people may find it difficult to believe it.

Today, the question is still being asked: “Who has believed our report”? Jesus paid the supreme price in order to give us the best that heaven has to offer. He tasted shame, sorrow, grief, ostracism and gruesome death in order to take us to a glorious realm.

He became a man of sorrow in order to give us unspeakable joy, full of glory. God smote him so that we might not be smitten. He was wounded in order to take our pain away. He bore every pain and suffered extreme misery.

Although, He is the epitome of righteousness, He was numbered with the transgressors in order to give us the gift of righteousness. He offered to receive chastening in order to give us peace. By his stripes we are healed.

What is our report? We have received full Salvation. Healing and health are ours. Prosperity is also part of our inheritance. We also have victory over the dark kingdom. Calvary has also purchased peace for us.  What is your report?  God bless you!

Jesus Christ is Lord!
Pastor Edith Chima

Wednesday, June 26, 2013


TEXT: Mark 10:46-52
Others are: Psalm 56:9; Exodus 22:23; Psalm 34:17; Luke 18:7-8.


Beloved, a lot of things are happening these days. The world is a strange place filled with strange people and a lot of things are happening every day. The devil has succeeded in silencing so many people. It is strange that people who are suppose to wage war or fight are now tired. A lot of people are quite over their ugly situation.
  • Immediately the enemy succeeds in closing a person's mouth, that person is finished. Speaking is an evidence that you are still alive.
  • Changes come to your life when you speak out.
  • Your deliverance, your salvation, your healing are lied to your mouth.
  • The movers of things in this world are those who speak to the mountains. Not those who stare at them.
  • Jesus spoke to the storm, high fever, the dead, tree and they heard Him and obeyed. And He was respected by His disciples.
  1.  He was not happy about his situation. Examples, some of us are happy with our conditions and do not want a change.
  2. He had faith in the miracle worker Jesus Christ. Romans 10:17 says Faith comes by hearing and hearing by the word of God. He had heard about Jesus and all the miracles Jesus had been performing. And decided he would be a part of the miracle.
  3. Determination: He was determined that his situation must be changed no matter the opposition.
  4. He refused to be discouraged. They asked him to keep quite but he cried out the more until he was heard.
  5. He let go the garment of sin, hindrances or those things that were weighing him down.
  6. He knew what he wanted. He was very specific. "Raboni, that l may receive my sight".

They want him to miss his miracle. Some people come to church and while others are praying, they allow the enemy to steal their blessings and miracles, by keeping quite or looking at others.

They wanted him to remain in his position. When the enemies see that your position is becoming better, they will come with a terrible attack. Their only joy is to see you remain in that ugly situation.

They thought he is not worthy to talk to Jesus. How can a beggar be calling unto Jesus the miracle worker? No matter how wretched you think yourself to be, it is you that Jesus wants. He said He came for the sinners and not for the righteous. No matter how dirty your life or past may be, Jesus can still clean you up. Don't allow your past to spoil your future. There is an adage that says "yesterday is a dream and tomorrow a vision but today well lived will make yesterday a dream of happiness and tomorrow a vision of hope". They enemy knows that if you don't ask you will not receive, (Matt 7:7). And it is those that ask receive. And you only ask when you open your mouth. If he had closed his mouth we wouldn't have heard about him. His name wouldn't appear in the Bible.

They wanted him to miss his divine timing or opportunity. It was a good thing he never kept quite that day because Jesus never passed through that way again. Most of us miss our divine miracle by our absence from fellowship, church services or prayer meetings.

They wanted him to die in his condition. Remember the Bible tells us in John 10:10 that the enemy comes but to steal, to kill and destroy. 
They wanted to discourage him. That is why many asked him to keep quite.
  • Keeping quite is indirectly telling God you have failed. It is just accepting defeat.
  • When you give up at the edge of breakthrough you become a breakthrough killer.
  • A conqueror must conquer something.
  • It is not over until it is over.
  • You must cry out to be heard.
  • Determination: Have determination. No matter the situation do not keep quite, cry out unto the Lord.
  • Be an aggressive praise giver.
  • Don't be discouraged. Stop the arrow of discouragement at the door of your heart. Don't allow it to enter.
  • Be a prayer warrior. Remember a warrior does not run away from the battle.
  • Every opportunity you have to cry out to the Lord don't miss it.
  • Don't allow sin to weigh you down. Repent of all known and unknown sins.
  • Live a holy life.

God bless you
Pastor Edith Chima

Sunday, June 23, 2013


The responsible man is a man who shoulders responsibilities. He does not dodge his family. He does not give up, he does not quit, and he remains faithful and fruitful.

A responsible man is a man of vision; he is a man of action. He is not an idle man. Redundancy, careless talk and gossiping have no place in his life. He is a man of faith. A responsible man is a man that loves his wife and does not flirt around. Many happy homes have been destroyed by immorality. Any man who wants to have a happy home and marriage must avoid outside relationship i.e. having an affair.

A responsible man sows good seeds into the lives of others. He encounters problems and solves them. He does not beat or hit his wife. He is the head of the family. The woman is the last and best of all creations. So your wife is very important and should be treated with respect, care and love. God did not create the woman out of a whim neither did He create her out of error. Neither did He plant all the talents, qualities and abilities in her for naught. The woman was created because she is and will forever remain an important and necessary aspect of the man. As a wife, woman is more than a mate. She is a partner with her husband in their mutual quest for earthly and heavenly goals, through separate roles. A subordinate and dutiful wife deserves love and kind treatment from her husband (Ephesians 5:25-33; Colossians 3:19; 1Peter 3:7).

When the love of Christ is in your heart that is when you can give it out to others. You cannot give what you don’t have. Men of God should go all out and use their lives to spell love. Your quality of love is dependent on your level of godliness or how much of you are yielded to God’s Holy nature of love. God wants to love someone through you. He wants to share His hope, faith and love with your wife but not without you.
Just as He needed Jesus to give His love to the world, He needs you to share the same love with your wife and others through your words, life, and action. 

The headship leads to happiness only when it is handled in a proper way. Husbands who live with godly devotion know that headship is not dictatorship.
So many marriages have been unsuccessful because of lack of commitment on the part of the husband. If you want your marriage and your home to be healthy, happy and stable, there must be commitment to keep your marriage as you keep your life. Your marriage is as precious as your life.

God bless you.

Jesus Christ is Lord!
Pastor Edith Chima


Each person God made is special and unique. God created us an original and not photocopies. It is a great disaster to try to be somebody else. The best you can be while trying to be someone else is a good imitator, a good photocopy. The only person that can be good at being you is you. When God created man, he
created him in His own image. In creating the world, God spoke the word, when it was time to make man; God used His hands and fashioned man from the dust of the earth. Man is special and unique.

My dear sister, when God took so much care in creating your husband, why are you comparing him to other men? Don’t you know this is foolishness? The Bible says in 2Corinthias 10:12; “for we dare not make ourselves of the numbers, or compare ourselves with some that command themselves; but they measuring themselves by themselves, and comparing themselves among themselves are not wise”. When you compare your husband to others, you are not wise.

Your husband cannot be like your friend’s husband. He may not be able to give you as much money as your sister’s husband gives her for the home. He may not be interested in exotic holidays and expensive things like your neighbor’s husband. He may not belong to elitist social clubs, like the husbands of your colleagues in the office. He is not interested in keeping up appearances like the Jones. He is your husband.

Your husband is unique. He has his own set of values, many of which were formed during his childhood. Wasn’t this the reason you were first attracted to him? Why have you stopped appreciating the good things you saw in him when you first met? Isn’t his uniqueness that made him stands out from the others? Were
these not the qualities that made you say, “Yes I do?” He is the one who took you out of all the women available in the whole world. He chose you above all women to be his better half. To have and to hold, to love and cherish, with all his wealth, and everything God has given unto him. That is not a small matter.

On whose shoulders do you cry? Who comforts you? Who shares his salary with you, his desires, his visions, goals, likes and dislikes? It is your husband. Unfortunately most of us are too critical of our husbands. Because the man exposes his passions and secrets unto us, we tend to focus only on the weak
areas of his character and take the strong points for granted.

What happened to all the great points and qualities your husband possessed? Can you remember what you saw in him that made you to marry him? Pause for a moment and make a list of at least ten points or good character and traits of your husband. Rate him on kindness, love, patients etc. On all the fruits of the
spirit and see how he fares?

Is your disappointment not coming from the fact that you require your husband to fulfill a standard set by neither God nor himself but you? Is it not because of all your failures, you expect your husband to personify success both for Himself and yourself as well, thereby pushing him beyond reasonable limits? Truthfully
answer these questions and you would see how selfish you have been. You know you are not perfect, yet you expect your husband to accept your shortcomings but what of you? How good are you at applying this same requirement to yourself?

Your husband is a special gift from God. He was given to you to enrich your life. You are his help-meet. If you keep complaining and grumbling, how can you fulfill your role as the help-meet? Why don’t you begin to appreciate him for who he is? Why don’t you begin to seek out the good things in him? Your words and attitude to him will bring out two reactions. It will either bring out the best in him, the gentle man or the monster in him.

There is a saying that you do not appreciate what you have until you lose it. Many of us wear out our husbands with our complaints and nagging attitudes. God forbid, if anything happens to our spouse we will now begin to cry and roll on the floor as if the whole world has ended.

Sister, your husband is unique. I want you to begin to appreciate him for who God has made him to be and to thank God for his life. I want you to stop nagging for one week and to see your husband’s reaction. There will be a change. Men do not like being compared to other people and they are very sensitive. I am not
saying your husband is perfect or always right. When you need to correct, let it be done in love, with wisdom, at the right time in the privacy of your room and not in front of your friends or his junior ones. If you want to enjoy your home, you have to submit to his godly authority and stop all the murmuring and

It is not possible to have two captains in a ship. Let him be the king and he will honor you as his queen. Begin to treat him with respect, give him honor and appreciate his person.

Once again, you will see the honey flowing in your marriage.God bless you.

Jesus Christ is Lord!
Pastor Edith Chima